Naked Lime is on the Road: Digital Dealer Workshop in Dallas

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Digital Dealer

Listen up, dealers in the Dallas area! Naked Lime is coming to you! Dan Malloy, product manager, will present “Reputation Management: The Internet Doesn’t Forgive and Forget” Oct. 29 at 1 p.m. at the Digital Dealer Workshop in Dallas. Digital Dealer invited Dan to speak at the workshop after his session at the 17th Digital [...]

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Webinar: Transforming Your Digital Dealership

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Web
Automotive News Webinar by Naked Lime

What do Amazon, PayPal, Google, and your dealership website have in common? They’re all sites that benefit from being tailored to deliver the best user experience through adaptive web design. What does this mean? These companies know what their users want to do from which devices, and present the relevant site information accordingly. What more [...]

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Think E-Commerce is Just Shopping Carts? Expensive Mistake.

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Web
Adaptive web design for dealerships

You’ve probably heard the rumbling, ongoing debate on which type of website design is best for car dealers. That question can be answered only after we identify what type of business dealerships actually do online. Sure, Google recommends1 that websites be responsive. But people have interpreted that recommendation as a strict endorsement for responsive web [...]

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Naked Lime Talks Digital Marketing at Wright State University

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Community
Naked Lime digital marketing at Wright State

While we make our own continuing education a high priority, Naked Lime also likes to share the digital marketing love with the next generation. So we sent two of our best and brightest back to their alma mater, Wright State University, to offer post-college wisdom to the communication students. Matt Chinn and Will Loiacono, both [...]

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Does Your Dealership Need a Google Search and Rescue?

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: SEO and Social
Google+ for dealership SEO

While the adoption Google+ has been the butt of many social media jokes since its arrival in 2011, there is new evidence of its importance for SEO. Mediative recently released “The Evolution of Google Search Results Pages & Their Effects on User Behavior,” a whitepaper that used eye-tracking technology to see what consumers view, click, [...]

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