The Olympics and Your Dealership

As the Olympics continue this week, we watch as some of the greatest athletes from around the globe compete for the title of “world’s greatest.” We watch with anticipation, pride, and longing when these champions walk across the track in London. But these athletes have had to earn their keep, and they didn’t do it on their own.

The coaches that surround Olympic athletes each bring a different area of expertise to the table as they teach athletes the best ways to train, lift, run, swim, and even eat. For example, the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team is made up of more than just the 12 players; there also are 9 people on the staff. Included in that 9 is a managing director, head coach, 3 assistant coaches, 2 physicians, and 2 trainers. Team USA’s bench is filled with experts, all focused around the same goal: to help lead the red, white, and blue to victory each day.

The entire U.S. Men’s Basketball team is greater than each individual component. They perform better and yield better results for their country when their specialties come together and are nurtured by the experts around them.

Your dealership is the same way. Sure, a single employee could manage, market, and run an entire dealership on his own, but would that dealership reach its full potential? That may be a different story. In reality, your dealership staff is made up of players, coaches, and sometimes outside experts who all have to work together to help ensure victory.

And, sometimes you have to take a closer look at your dealership to recognize what expertise is missing and keeping you from success. What would your dealership gain if your marketing, advertising, and web strategies were developed by experts and customized for your dealership? What if you could eliminate the time and hassle of using multiple third-party vendors to reach your customer marketing goals? What if you could spend less time on learning the latest social media tools and could focus more on selling to your customers – the area you know best? Personally, we think that would be worth its weight in gold.