Naked Lime Gives Thanks

Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked some of our product experts what they were thankful for when it came to their job – besides their amazing, talented, wonderful coworkers of course.

Here are some of their responses:


Digital Marketing expert Amy Peck answered, “I am very thankful for Google and all the mysterious choices they make – because it’s job security for me.”

Targeted Marketing expert Brooke Wood replied, “Data driven strategies! Our marketing service combines an intelligent marketing database with other industry-exclusive information so dealership interactions with customers are relevant, personalized and segmented to the ideal target market.”

Marketing Manager Katie replied, “I am thankful for ad spend that’s not wasted. Long gone are the days we sprayed out marketing materials and prayed someone saw it.”

Mobile expert Steve Bell answered, “Smartphones! They enable everyone to have tons of information right at their fingertips and help us to make sure dealerships are easily accessible to consumers wherever they are.”

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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