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Costly Assumptions Dealers Make About Car Buyers

There used to be three accepted steps in the car-buying process: Stimulus (feeling the need for a product). First Moment of Truth (encounter with the product). Second Moment of Truth

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The New Car-Buying Cycle: Don't Just Adapt. Disrupt.

Entitled. Spoiled. Impatient. Apathetic. Those are all descriptors given to Millennials, or Generation Y, or the people we've all been told aren't interested in buying cars, but conversely, are the

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Dealership Data: Be Empowered, Not Overwhelmed

Everyone in marketing (yes, we plead guilty ourselves) is talking “data” – why you need it, where to get it, how to protect it, who should manage it, and on

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Data-driven Direct Mail is Direct Mail Done Right

Everywhere you look, someone is talking about data. But what does big data really mean for your dealership? A lot, but only when it drives a strategy that can help

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Digital Dealer 15 – All About Data for Dealerships

We just returned from Digital Dealer 15, and we’re breaking the “what happens in Vegas” rule to tell you that everyone there was talking big data. Allow us to welcome

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How to Beat CarMax

  While you might think the local dealer down the street is your biggest competitor in the used car market, you’re probably wrong. CarMax is taking the money right out

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