Stop Using the Same Playbook as Your Competition

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Targeted Marketing
dealership Facebook marketing on target

  How do you communicate with customers in a market where every message counts? Laptops, tablets, and smartphones all provide consumers with more information at their fingertips in one instant than they could look up in their entire lives 20 years ago. And, that’s profoundly changing how consumers shop for a car and how dealers [...]

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3 Necessary Steps to Real Social Media Communication

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Social Media
Three steps to effective social media communication

Assumptions can be dangerous, but I’m going to assume your dealership is “active” on social media by now. But is being “active” enough? To most, active means you update your status several times a week.  You tweet, retweet, and favorite some interesting articles or news. You’ve been on Google+, +1ing and sharing. You’ve even made [...]

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Naked Lime Recognized by Google for Digital Advertising Success

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Google
Naked Lime at Google Digital Advertising Summit

  Recently, members of the Naked Lime sales team were invited to visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, in recognition of their excellence in understanding and promoting digital advertising to our dealers. But the love from Google didn’t stop there. Naked Lime was invited to visit Google again on August 27th.  The Google Partners All-Star [...]

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Third Naked Lime Session Announced for Digital Dealer 17!

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Digital Dealer
Travis Hafer for Naked Lime at Digital Dealer 17

Gone are the days of separate mobile sites and apps. With Adaptive Web Design (AWD), dealers can reach their customers and provide a better shopping experience by offering: Faster page load times. A tailored experience for each device. Content relevant to what the consumer is doing on that device. Learn more about adaptive and responsive [...]

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