Top 3 SEO Benefits of

by Kyle Perkins | Posted In: SEO and Social helps Google serve customers what they ordered.

Like every other part of good marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be about providing a valuable experience to your customers. While search engines have highly advanced algorithms in constant refinement, they are not perfect. Sometimes web content has semantic meanings that people can easily interpret but give search engines trouble. Just by adding a [...]

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Honoring Local Heroes on Independence Day

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Recreation
Honor Flight Dayton WWII Memorial Washington DC

We’re a pretty relaxed crew at Naked Lime, but we like keep it professional – including our dress code. However, on Fridays, we cut loose and break out the denim for the tradition known in the corporate world as “Casual Friday.” But you know we take any available opportunity to give to worthy causes, and [...]

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Google Pulls Back the Curtain on Quality Score

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Advertising, Google
Google Quality Score for digital advertising

There is no shortage of other companies in the industry who do digital advertising, and those who will say they do it better than Naked Lime does. The difference is that we don’t want to convince you we do it better just to get your business. We want to do it better because quality matters [...]

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