It’s Common Sense – Follow the Leads that Convert

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Lead generation from dealership database

  In marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Our studies show that for some dealerships: 45% of dealership leads come from the internet. Internet leads only convert at 10%. Dealers are only targeting 30% of their existing customer database. Existing customers have a 35% conversion rate. What’s wrong with this picture? Your existing customers are [...]

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Dealer Success Story: Shults Auto Group and Naked Lime

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schults auto group success with naked lime marketing

Without further ado, we present the happy story of Shults Auto Group and Naked Lime Marketing… Dear Naked Lime, When I started with Shults Auto Group we were struggling with social media management. We had Facebook pages with no real informational content. Our websites were getting no SEO attention, content updates, and blogs. In March [...]

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Wine and Cheese Should Age. Vehicle Inventory Should Not.

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XtreamService for dealers moves aging inventory

Everyone talks about “that new car smell”, but problems moving aging used car inventory can consistently stink for dealers. There are really only two ways to handle aging inventory: Mark the car down on a rolling basis (15 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days) and then wholesale it. Run it through the local auction. [...]

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ICYMI: Digital Reputation Management Tips from DD17

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  Dan Malloy’s (@danielgmalloy) Digital Dealer session was such a success that, through no fault of his own, he was not provided enough handouts for everyone in the audience. #marketingteamfail First, we sincerely thank you for attending! Second, we apologize to anyone who missed out, and present… drum roll please… the take-aways from Dan’s session! Print [...]

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Stop Using the Same Playbook as Your Competition

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dealership Facebook marketing on target

  How do you communicate with customers in a market where every message counts? Laptops, tablets, and smartphones all provide consumers with more information at their fingertips in one instant than they could look up in their entire lives 20 years ago. And, that’s profoundly changing how consumers shop for a car and how dealers [...]

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