The What, Why, and How of Meta Descriptions for SEO

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: SEO and Social

Q. What the heck is a meta description? A. The short, technical answer is that a meta description is the brief text explanation that appears below the title link of a search result. It was originally used to tell search engines more about your website’s content. Now, the meta description also tells people why they [...]

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The Sad Truth About Auto Brand Loyalty

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Google
Google Constant Consideration in Car Buying

How loyal do you think your customers are to your dealership? They’ll at least come back to you based on brand loyalty, right? Wrong, almost half the time. Google has released a Constant Consideration infographic that illustrates how fickle your customers really are and how many opportunities you have to win – or lose – [...]

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Naked Lime is Coming to a City Near You

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Trade Shows
Naked Lime Road Show

Naked Lime participates in several industry trade shows throughout the year. These shows give us a way to present our services to customers, as well as giving us a valuable opportunity to get dealer feedback and evaluate ourselves to see how we’re doing against the competition. However, if your dealership can’t attend the larger trade [...]

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Congratulations, DealerRater Dealers of the Year!

by Naked Lime Marketing | Posted In: Digital Reputation Management, Reputation Management
Digital Reputation Management success with Naked Lime

   DealerRater® has announced their Dealer of the Year awards for 2014, and I wish you could see the happy dance our Digital Reputation Management team is doing right now. Congratulations to all the dealers on the list, but especially to the ten recognized dealers who partnered with Naked Lime for reputation management. Dealer of [...]

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