Automotive Mobile Marketing – The Smart Way

Automotive Mobile Marketing
When you leave your house in the morning what do you grab?  If you’re like most people, you grab your keys, your wallet and your cell phone.  The ubiquity of the Mobile device and our personal attachment to it gives car dealers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers in their preferred method of communication.  Think about it for a minute: Your cell phone is always within arms reach.  You use it to talk, text, email, surf the web and much more. You can carry it anywhere and use it at almost any time of the day.  It is truly the only personal medium of communication and interaction.

So what should I know before I market to my consumers in this very personal medium?  

  1. Choice – Give consumers a choice when opting in and unsubscribing.  Make sure your campaign involves asking the consumer if they wish to opt-in to future promotions.  In the Mobile environment, you must give consumers a great reason to engage with you or to come back to your dealership.
  2. Control – Much like with web 2.0, users want control of the information being presented to them on Mobile.  You could give users the ability to choose their promotion offering.  (Example: Text Oil for oil change coupons or Tire for tire change coupons).  The Mobile device is very personal and to get content or offers that are irrelevant to me, you could potentially drive users away as a consumer.
  3. Customization – Give your customers control of what content they see through the use of Go Code Marketing.  Use the information you obtain to make the content relevant for that user.
  4. Consideration – Give the car buyer something in return for his or her participation.  Users today want something in return for giving you some information.  For Car Dealers, this will be critical to execute on or you’ll risk losing your customer in the Mobile environment very early on.
  5. Constraint – This is the most important item to practice.  Limit the number of messages you send to your users that have opted in.  Understanding that Mobile is a very personal device and is always on my hip, I as a consumer am less tolerant to mass messages broadcast to me on too frequent of a basis.  We think differently while in the Mobile environment than we do with email.  We’ve become complacent with emails knowing we have a spam filter and can easily remove unwanted or non-relevant emails quickly.  In the Mobile environment we are very direct and only want the information that is most relevant to us in this method.
  6. Confidentiality – Marketers are presented with a great yet unique opportunity when marketing to consumers in the Mobile environment.  Information obtained through Mobile can be tracked to an individual person unlike an email address or mailing address which is associated typically with a household.  Making sure you keep the information provided to you and do not sell Mobile CRM lists will be a crucial factor in your fight for your consumers trust in the Mobile environment.   

Mobile Marketing Text Options
Mobile clearly has its advantages in its ability to leverage location, intimacy and immediacy.  However, none of these elements come in to play if your campaign isn’t supported by strong marketing principles.  While Mobile may be a new way of marketing to most of you, marketing effectively shouldn’t be.