The Power of Blogs! 5 Reasons Why Car Dealers Should Blog Now…

To kick off our blog we felt that nothing would serve the purpose better than to write about the power of blogs for car dealers.  Why blog you ask?  The simple answer is that blogging is one of the most powerful Web marketing tools available.  There are a multitude of personal benefits to be gained from blogging, but for this posting we’ll stick with the business gains car dealers can realize from blogs.

Power of Blogs#1 Blogs are an extremely powerful SEO tool –  I have a number of websites that I run where I conduct tests to establish the value of many web marketing techniques.  One of my tests was to take a website where I hadn’t made any changes nor worked on external linking for quite some time.  I bolted a blog onto the site, added a few functionality tools, and began making regular posts.  By submitting two posts a week on items generally related to the website’s topic, I was able to triple the website’s traffic in only two months, and this was above and beyond the traffic to the blog itself.  That’s a sizable jump in traffic from the amount of work I invested, and I did it without using several well-known techniques to maximize the benefits from blogging.   My experience is not a one in a million incident either.  The study “Corporate Blogging Is It Worth the Hype?” indicated that 66% of the corporations polled realized an SEO benefit from their blogs within the first month and 23% within the first week!

A few reasons why blogs are known to provide SEO benefit’s and increase traffic are:

Car Dealer Blogging
  • User Generated Content (UGC): Blogs are a great tool to focus and develop UGC, which is extremely helpful in capturing long tail search term traffic.  Individuals search in unique patterns, which are oftentimes unpredictable.  Allowing users to contribute by creating guest posts and posting comments creates the content needed for this desired end.  People write and post how they search so user contributed content will target and realize traffic from long tail search terms.
  • Incoming linking: blogs are known to increase the number of incoming links to a site.  The previously mentioned study, “Corporate Blogging Is It Worth the Hype?”, showed that 62% saw an increase in link popularity within the first month of the establishment of their blogs.  Writing “link bait” (a highly topical or controversial post) is a fantastic way to draw attention and one-way links to your domain – quality SEO.
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS): RSS is the technology behind feed readers and blogs are a key phase for working with RSS.  We know that Google keeps track of the number of feed subscribers for a website and blog, and uses it as a ranking component.  Typically the more incoming links and “link bait” articles, the more feed subscribers; it’s all good.
  • Increased index pages: With the proper set-up, each blog post is its own unique page and indexed by Google, thus adding new content and pages to your site on a regular basis: a known and proven SEO tactic.   Search engines work particularly well with blogs in this aspect.  This blog was indexed within 2 days of being set up and that was without any content to speak of.  We then had 18 pages indexed within only a few days with only sample postings.  You can imagine why we’re optimistic about the potential results now that we’re actually adding real content.
  • Posts live as long as you desire: Old articles are valuable and will still be viewed and read years later – infinite life with the search engines to be served in organic results.
  • Internal linking: Topical posts allow for internal linking into information areas of your website as well as into other blog posts for reference material allowing for some very creative and beneficial page rank sculpting capabilities.

#2 Blogs enable companies to personalize themselves  – Having an active blog with interesting posts in a personal voice will enable auto dealers to humanize themselves.  Blogs give a voice and a face to car dealers, especially if posts are made by individuals and not in some corporate voice.  People make connections with other people, and blog connections are typically much deeper than any made through traditional communication efforts like ads, newsletters or press releases.

Power of Blogs#3 Blogs are an entryway and a key component of social marketing – Blogging is communicating and socializing.  It empowers the user with a medium of expression where it can assemble many listeners and followers.   According to HubSpot’s report, “The State of Inbound Marketing”, “…Blogs lead other social media categories in terms of importance to business…75% of those familiar with their business’ blogging efforts saying they are ’useful’, ’important’ or ’critical’ to their business.”

A blog allows the user to slowly build a network of individuals with similar interests.  It allows the blogger to keep in touch, seek input from readers, as well as push a message and monitor what others in the field are doing.   If you have a conversation with some depth initiated on Facebook, taking it to your blog will allow for deeper exploration and tie-in to your own website.  Blogs are also a key component to maximizing the benefit from twitter activities.  You can only get so much traction and interaction with 140 characters, having the capabilities to go deeper on your blog opens up the potential of more valuable conversations.   Unlike the other social marketing tools like twitter and Facebook where you could be limited, banned, or fall out of favor, your self-hosted blog is under your control and is not merely renting space for the time being.

#4 Blogs are a great way to build your expertise and authority –  Making topical posts with valuable insight about new, critical or hot topic areas, is a fantastic way to establish your car dealer and yourself as an expert.  Blogs enable people to share their knowledge in a non-threatening manner and allow for interaction between the writer and the reader.  They really function like interactive magazines, where the reader can challenge the writer, ask for more details in specific areas, or provide valuable insight to take the discussion in a new direction.  All can be done quickly and easily.  Sharing helpful knowledge with your audience / prospect base will help legitimize your expertise and build your online presence to that of a desired consultant, not just someone trying to make a sale.

Power of Blogs#5 Blogs are good for creating professional contacts – By putting your thoughts and opinions out there, other knowledgeable automotive professionals will find and interact with you sharing their ideas and findings.  This will help you to create a network of knowledgeable professionals to interact and learn with.  Two heads are better than one, and how powerful are 6, 7 or 8?  This powerful knowledge base will deliver valuable insight pushing your site’s performance to higher levels.

Blogs can deliver valuable power when regularly posted to with articles of interest and benefit through personalizing the dealership, increased traffic, and outstanding SEO power.  They will prove great benefit to a dealer’s customers and dealership.