The winning recipe for successful online car specials

The specials page of your web site is the third most popular page (only behind your home and inventory pages), so having specials that are effective and up-to-date is critical to driving more leads from your web site.

Did you know that more than 70% of dealers don’t have current specials or any specials at all on their web site?  Are you tired of creating specials with no results?  Are you hoping to get more traffic from your specials pages?  Make sure you follow the recipe below for creating effective online specials:

  • Provide offers that help create additional purchases of products/service. 
  • Link specials to pages with forms or other calls to action to increase calls and leads.
  • Include keywords that are commonly used by your customers for SEO purposes. 

New/OEM Certified Car specials: 

Before creating any content for new car specials you should always consult your OEM guidelines to make sure your images and content are compliant.  They should also include marketing phrasing that match the OEM and your local marketing.  With the guidelines in mind, make sure to include the models that:

  • Are included in national OEM Marketing
  • Get the most traffic for your new vehicles
  • Vehicles you have had in stock the longest

Used Vehicle specials:

Knowing your market is important when choosing used car specials.  If your market is more interested in commercial trucks or small gas sippers, then your used specials pages should reflect that.  Higher end models should include trim and additional information that can substantiate the price. 

Service specials: 

The most common service at any car dealership is the oil change, so including that price on the service specials page is beneficial.  Getting with the service manager to get a list of the top four services provided would be a good place to start when choosing service specials. 

Parts special:

Parts and Accessories specials are best handled by manufacturer and type.  Getting a list of the more popular parts and accessories and organizing them by type and manufacturer will help determine what type of specials to post for your market.  If you handle bulk, hard to find or commercial parts, make sure to include one of each.  

Remember, the specials pages are the third most visited pages on your site.  Maximize the potential of your visitors and increase your conversions with these easy guidelines!