Enhancing Website SEO and Lead generation

Most dealers nowadays spend a lot of their time trying to increase the visibility of their dealership’s inventory through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of their web site. This is logical since nearly every car customer starts shopping for their vehicle online. For Autmotive SEO, before a webmaster can optimize their site, they have to ask these basic questions:

  • Which keywords will help me get more traffic and leads?
  • Where & how can I implement changes to increase my site’s organic ranking for these keywords?
  • Are these keywords too broad? Too specific?

Automotive SEO, Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Obviously, the answers to these questions may not be simple. The good news is that a dealer can increase their site’s visibility no matter what facet of the site they are working on.

A dealer who is editing the on-page content of their web site should ask these simple questions when deciding if content will help their SEO.

  • Is this content informative?
  • Is this content easy for a site user to understand?

As for editing HTML Meta tags, the following questions can be asked.

  • Are the keywords in this tag relevant to the page they are on?
  • Are any of the keywords that are in the Meta tags mentioned in the on-page content as well?

The answer to all of these questions should be ‘Yes’ when practicing good SEO methods.