Why Mobile Marketing Makes Sense

Mobile phones are incredibly popular. Just look at the statistics. For every computer sold, four mobile phones are sold1. Some estimates are now as high as 6 or 7 mobile phones per computer.

Many households share computers, but chances are most individuals have their own cell phone. And where can that cell phone be found? – With them at all times.

So how do you adopt this kind of phenomenon into your current marketing plans? The answer actually begins with traditional advertising.

  • Do you know how many leads you get each month from newspaper or TV? What about radio?
  • Do you know how many closed deals you get from these leads?
  • How do you know the real success of your traditional advertising without the ability to effectively manage the results?

Enter mobile marketing. Enhance the advertising you’ve been doing for years, advertising your community is used to seeing, with the ability to actually track it.

Using text message codes (like in American Idol) in your traditional advertising not only gives shoppers a way to interact with your dealership wherever they are, it also gives you something traditional advertising never gave you before – trackability. As customers and prospects reply to your ads by text, you end up with:

  • A new database of prospects – pull reports of phone numbers that responded to each code.
  • Trackable results – reports can also show the number of interactions received from shoppers.
  • Outbound marketing opportunities – use your newfound lists to conduct text campaigns.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

      1. Traditional Ad: Sunday ad/Classifieds

Automotive Classified Ad

With traditional advertising, shoppers must visit the dealership, website, or call for more information. And when you get that walk-in, e-mail, or phone call, you may never know what prompted it.

Sunday ad/Classifieds integrated with mobile marketing:

Automotive Print Ad Automotive Print Ad

Now shoppers have the option to text your dealership no matter where they are for more vehicle information, and you know which ads produced which leads.

2. Traditional Ad: Window stickers

Most use window stickers as a point of vehicle information only. Using mobile marketing on window stickers can help you track how many people visit the dealership lot any time, even after hours. It also connects those prospects with your dealership immediately – no more depending on the prospect to call or e-mail later.

Window sticker integrated with mobile marketing:

Automotive Window Sticker

Now think about your service department. Could a text message oil coupon or tire rotation coupon bring in extra service profit? The potential for mobile advertising is limitless.

While spend for traditional advertising is declining, we understand it is a staple for dealerships and a mainstay for shoppers everywhere. Make an informed decision when shifting ad spend by using a mobile solution to measure the effectiveness of your traditional advertising.

1. Search Marketing Standard – Fall 2008