4 Areas to Consider When Choosing Keywords for Your Dealer Website

Many dealers ask for advice on how to select keywords to use in onsite content for SEO purposes, including adding keywords to the important areas of a website including on-page content, Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Header Titles. While it is easy to add content and terms, choosing the keywords to focus on isn’t necessarily simple. Following are some variables to take into consideration when deciding which keywords to include:

1. Dealership Location – Referencing your dealership location, major metro area and surrounding cities can be important since potential buyers will be looking online for information about vehicles in their shopping area. Many people search with city and/or state identifiers, but every market is a little different. Some markets associate to their county, others to their sub-division, and still others to their region, while some may even have a name for a group of cities that make up an area such as the Quad cities area. If your market identifies themselves by a particular term, your web site should also reflect the verbiage (such as “Texans” in Texas). Only someone who is familiar with the market would know these terms. By focusing on the same terminology as your target market, your web site will be more visible to local prospects using the search engines. Adding local terminology to the appropriate pages will improve results within your local market.

2. Name & Manufacturer/Franchise: The name of your dealership should be referenced on key pages in the Meta tags and title. It is ideal if the name of your dealership includes the name of the OEM as well. If your local marketing team is doing a good job of promoting your business, then your target market should be able to easily find your dealership web site by searching for your name. .

3. Popular Models – There are a few ways to choose which vehicles should be featured on the pages of your website We suggest taking all of the following variables into consideration when choosing model names, which could increase traffic due to their popularly (please note that some of these variables are helpful when choosing vehicles types such as trucks or fuel efficient cars to describe used inventory):

  • Models getting the most test drives and sales at your dealership.
  • Models getting the most traffic on the web site (Your web analytics system will show which models garner the most attention from website visitors).
  • Models featured by the Manufacturer/Franchise in national and regional promotions.
  • Models featured in local marketing for your dealership.

Utilizing key promotions and visitor interaction information to build out keywords for SEO is a good practice.

4. Your Marketing Terms: Most businesses have a tag line to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition. Something that is used as a slogan or in a jingle. Having these terms featured on your “Home” and/or “About Us” page might be appropriate if your target market uses them to find your business online.

Targeting the proper search terms can significantly increase the number of website visitors, on-site engagement and the number of lead submissions. Taking the time to research and understand your market and the search terms utilized by your prospects will pay big dividends for your dealership.