5 ways to improve your website lead conversions now!

The automotive industry has been undergoing tremendous changes in recent years. Some of these changes include significant reductions in employment, factory closings, eliminating brands and models, bankruptcies and consolidations to name a few. That being said, there are fewer dealerships now to serve the same number of customers.

We know that 9 out of 10 consumers start their vehicle research online. With so many orphan customers, now is the time to do some website clean up to improve lead conversions so your dealership can attract as many of those orphans as possible. Below, we are going to explore 5 key ways to improve lead conversions now!

1. Up-to-date Specials: The Specials page is the 2nd most visited page, behind inventory, on a dealer website. So why is it always blank? I can't tell you how many times I visit a dealer website; go to the specials page just to find out that there are no active specials. Even if you don't currently have an active special, you should at least have a way for the consumer to contact you for your latest offers via phone or form.

2. Forms: Speaking of forms, almost all pages within your website should have a form on it. There are occasions where a form may not make sense, such as a community events page or a testimonial page but that is just about it. If you want your customers to contact you, you have to make it easy for them to do so. Don't expect that a consumer will seek out a way to submit a lead if they land on a page where a lead form is not present.

3. Reduce the Clutter: Your dealer website is not a circus and you're not trying to entertain your audience. You are trying to convert visitors into leads. Sites with multiple pop-ups, scrolling banners, flashing cars and a chat box that pops up every time you load the home page does give a user a lot of options, but in many cases, it is so overwhelming it has the opposite effect. We know that users hate pop-ups but we also know that they can be effective with the proper message. Keep pop-ups to a minimum and if you're running a pop-up, reduce the movement on your site as to not distract from your goal.

4. Big Call-to-Action Buttons: In addition to reducing the clutter, add easy to see CTA buttons on your home page for your most important pages. Again, we know users are there to see new or used inventory, current offers, apply for credit, schedule service or search/order parts. When most dealers add these buttons to their home page they see a decrease in bounce rates and in increase in page views. And if you've taken my advice above and added forms to all the relevant pages, you greatly increase your chance to convert more visitors into leads.

5. Call Tracking: This doesn't necessarily improve your conversion, but it does allow you to measure it more effectively. Many dealerships still rely on the sales person to ask the question of how the consumer got to the dealership. Adding Call Tracking will allow you to measure how much phone traffic you are getting from your website and how many are converting into a lead. In many cases, dealerships receive 5 to 6 times as many phone calls from their dealership website than they get form submissions.

Your website is your most profitable advertising medium, yet it’s usually the one area that is lacking in detail and attention. Take a day this week to change a few things and improve your website results.