Why Auto Dealer Service Online is a Must

Unless you keep your service bay staffed 24/7, you are missing out on potential service customers. Successful dealerships understand that customer expectations are changing. The way they have traditionally communicated with customers over the last decade will not work for the next. Connecting with customers, before, during, and after a purchase, is the key to driving sales and service business.

Connect With Your Customers Where They Are
Most people use the Internet for information on just about everything. Fewer consumers are browsing shopping centers in person looking for the right sweater, let alone visiting car lots to find the right vehicle. 79% of consumers use search engines to research auto dealerships. (Source: Polk 2007 Dealer eBusiness Performance Study) And 25% of those searches are related to the Fixed Ops area of the dealership. (Source: Mindy Shutte, GM Director of Service & Parts)

According the Car Care Council in January of 2009, $60 billion in annual vehicle maintenance is not performed. This reality and the volume of orphaned service customers due to dealerships closing their doors provide a unique opportunity. Dealerships need an online solution that provides a convenient method for customers to schedule their service appointments and an easy way to capture e-mail addresses, making long-term customer communication possible.

Increase Service RevenueSee Results with an Effective Solution
Dealerships that have an online service solution are seeing:

  • Increased service revenue and stronger customer relationships by allowing customers to interact with the dealership at their convenience.
  • A significant lift in e-mail addresses for more customer communication.
  • A jump in recurring Internet customers.

Understanding the way customers think is beneficial to the dealership’s service department. With 24/7 access to the site, the dealership is always available to meet customer needs by allowing them to have a convenient way to schedule their own service appointments at times that are right for their schedules.

How are you capturing more of the growing service opportunities and dollars?