Is your website Inventory updated in Real-Time from your DMS?

Your website is like your business card and should always be up to date with the most current and accurate information. But unlike your business card, your website information is constantly changing, especially your Inventory. Having the most current and up-to-date Inventory information is important for in market car buyers. Think about it, you wouldn't go to a real estate site looking for a new home and want houses that were sold last week showing as available for purchase would you? The same holds true for the automotive space. Buying a car is generally the 2nd largest purchase a consumer will make but it isn't any less vital or important.

Having your website setup with Real-Time Inventory management has several important benefits and advantages:

  • Display New Inventory on your website the moment you stock them in from your DMS.
  • Manage prices and data points instantly without having to manage a 2nd tool or wait overnight for updates.
  • Manage a single process at your dealership that updates your website immediately.
  • Allows you to display your Inventory within your site built Inventory Searches rather than having to frame-in a page that would allow for what others are calling real-time updates.

Real-Time Inventory updates can only be leveraged if your current DMS provider allows for it. Framing in inventory from a 3rd party can be harmful to your website from a Search Optimization perspective as frame-in links are not search friendly and could reduce the amount of indexed pages your URL is credited.