Cell Phones – The most useful car buying tool since the Internet

This week I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the 9th Digital Dealer Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. My goal of this session was to provide car dealers with a better understanding of mobile marketing and how they can leverage this new medium to market to consumers. Mobile devices are a very powerful tool in our everyday life. An example of this, according to a study by WhamMobile, is a text message is typically read within 4 minutes while an email is typically read within 48 hours. For a car dealership, this makes it even more powerful and important to be in this marketing space.

This session provided very useful statistics around the mobile marketing arena and helped guide dealers on how they can setup and establish a mobile marketing strategy today! Mobile marketing allows dealers to integrate text offers into traditional advertising allowing them to effectively manage their traditional advertising. In addition to helping dealers measure traditional advertising, dealers can also opt customers in to their mobile campaigns in the same process. By opting consumers into text marketing, dealers will then start building an outbound marketing list to market to their consumers on a mobile device.

This method of advertising opens up a new world of communication between the dealership and their consumers that works and builds off of immediate interaction. I saw a lot of dealers taking notes and spoke to many after the session and there is a lot of interest by dealerships to get into this channel of marketing. I'm glad I could share my expertise and knowledge with over 100 attendees of my session.