Content is king on dealership websites

Your web site is how your dealership communicates with your online customers, so keeping the content of your site current and accurate is important. In the middle of everything that goes on at a dealership, updating online content can fall by the wayside. Here are some reasons why keeping your website up-to-date should be a priority:

  • SEO – Search engines index web sites based on content.  If your target market is searching for information about a model, service, or national sale that is not on your website, your site is not likely to be included in the search results.  If your current marketing campaign has a slogan and details, they should be included on your website so that when a potential customer decides to search based on these terms your dealer site will appear in the results. 
  • Image – Accurate information or the lack of it reflects on your business much in the same way that a messy showroom does.  Specials should be updated, and, expired offers and sold vehicles should be removed from inventory searches.  Would you feel comfortable doing business with a company that has expired specials and features new inventory from two years ago? 
  • Contact Information– People may visit your website just to obtain your contact information to call, send an e-mail, or get your address to visit your showroom.  Insuring the information is up-to-date is the difference between a customer reaching your sales team or calling a disconnected number.

Having up-to-date content on your dealer’s website will bring more visitors, keep visitors returning, and increase potential customer contacts.  In a following blog post we will provide a list of content areas that should be updated on a regular basis.