Google Instant Preview Bad News for Flash

Google has made quite a few changes with their search results and in particular with Google Instant.  With one of the recent changes, Google may be telling us what they think of flash.  And for now, it     doesn't appear good news for Adobe's Flash. 

When conducting a search in Google with Instant on, one function available now is the Preview tool, which enables searchers to preview the website.  When you do this with any site utilizing a heavy amount of flash, there are significant holes in the preview.  Following are some screen shots of sites'  previews, which are feeling some serious negative effects from this. 

a dealerships blank preview from flash

A Dealership's Blank Preview

dealer preview with blank areas from flash

Another Dealer Preview With Serious Blank Areas From Flash

Toyota Corporate Site Preview

OEM's Site Preview Impacted by Flash

As you can see, the preview for these sites does not give the viewer a good impression.  Compare these  shots to the one below where the site does not utilize flash in key areas and offers a better impression.

Car Dealer Site Preview Without Flash

Car Dealer Site Preview Without Flash - Looks Much Better

If you were searching for a car or dealer, which of the websites would be more appealing to you.  We know from a number of website design studies that people make an evaluation of a website in under a second.  With Google Instant Preview searchers may now be making this evaluation without ever leaving the search results, and for sites utilizing a large amount of flash, this is very bad news.

Dealers with flash dependent websites should keep a close watch on the use and popularity of the Preview function because it could cause a drop in traffic.