Implementing Successful Online Service Scheduling

Did you know that 86% of customers who service regularly with a dealership will buy from that dealership again?1 Getting customers into your service department is one of the best things you can do to guarantee future sales. We talked to Scott Harris at Bill Harris Auto Center, and he had the following tips to share with other dealers to increase customer usage and results.

  1. Create Awareness
    Use various marketing channels to let your customers know they can schedule service on your website. For example, send targeted e-mail campaigns to your existing customer base and use a direct link to your online service tool.
  2. Transition Sales to Service
    Create a process with your sales team to show Online Service Reservations to every new or used vehicle customer at the time of purchase to make sure you capture their personal e-mail address. This builds up a service and sales database for future marketing.Online Service Reservation Customers
  3. Schedule the Next Appointment
    Walk your customers through setting up their next appointment on your website. This gets your customer engaged and familiar with your website and makes it easier for them to schedule service with you from home.
  4. Train Your Employees
    Create a process for your department to talk with current and new customers about scheduling future service online. Every touch point provides the opportunity to remind your customers how convenient it is to schedule service with you.
  5. Owner Clinics
    Make your online service portal a staple in your owner clinics. Doing service with your dealership is a hassle-free part of the owning experience.

Implementing tips like these, Scott Harris experienced increased service revenue and stronger customer relationships. His e-mail collections went up, gaining six to eight a week, and he saw a 14% increase in recurring Internet customers in just three months. Remember, a great service experience leads to another sales opportunity.

1 CNW Marketing Research