A Rich Online Experience Boosts Service Profit and Increases Returning Customers

Did you know that 47% of consumers want to view their vehicle service history online?Many dealers are taking service scheduling to another level by enhancing the customer experience while increasing profit.

There are three main things your website should do to create a customer experience that will build relationships with your dealership and encourage repeat business.

  • Service Reservations – Get customers engaged with your service department by accepting appointments online. Boost your customer’s experience by going beyond the ordinary form on most websites. Recommend services based on vehicle make, model, mileage, and service history. Display a calendar with available appointments based on availability in the DMS. Give customers instant satisfaction by confirming the appointment on the site and not having to wait for a callback.
  • Repair Order Status – Dealerships receive dozens of calls every day about the status of repairs. Productivity is lost every time the phone rings. Checking the status of repairs online is more convenient for customers and more productive for dealerships. Have your website tell customers the status of their car as it changes in your DMS and how much is owed upon delivery.
  • Customized Vehicle Portal – There is nothing more personal on the Web than a site containing information all about you and your stuff. Wrap service reservations, repair order status, service history, contact information, and vehicle information into a custom page. This brings the one-to-one experience customers get at your dealership to your website.

Allowing customers to book service on your website is the first piece of the puzzle. Complete the picture by allowing customers to check repair status, see personalized maintenance recommendations, and view repair history. This rich customer experience will draw service profit in your doors and keep it coming back.

*Capgemini Cars Online Study