Vehicle Videos are Proven Sales Tools on Dealership Websites

The addition of vehicle videos as a compelling component to dealership Websites continues to grow at a steady rate. At the same time, the public’s interest in video sites on the World Wide Web overall continues to blossom and shows no sign of abating. Yet, in the eyes of many dealerships, these trends alone are not enough to convince them to make the investment in vehicle videos, and some still question what investing in vehicle videos would bring to their business.

Videos are ‘Sticky’
Research shows that using video on a Website increases the amount of time a consumer spends on the site – making it “sticky,” and increasing the likelihood the consumer will submit a sales lead that ultimately can translate to the bottom line. And that’s the point: Dealerships want their Website to act as one more calling card for the dealer and for doing business with them.

Videos are Persuasive
Recent studies by Burst Media also show that nearly 55 percent of online shoppers indicated that a vehicle video made them more likely to consider buying or leasing a model featured in a video. And, unlike traditional marketing material, video has a very high pass rate from user-to-user.

A Website’s success is measured in part by how long customers stay on the site and how many leads are generated from it. Adding vehicle videos provides dealerships with a tool through which to share vehicle information with online customers in an engaging way, and in a way that has been proven to influence more than half of them in the purchase decision they make.

When considering vehicle videos for your Website, here are the basics to look for:

  • Vehicle videos should be short and contain concise, engaging content.
  • The videos should be refreshed frequently, with new feature cars added in place of those that have been posted the longest.
  • Use actual video footage that shows the vehicle in real-life motion, rather than pictures with a moving camera, to keep your customers engaged in the video presentation.
  • Allow your customers to start the video themselves; it shouldn’t begin the moment the page loads.

Videos can be a fantastic way to interact with your customers, allowing you to effectively convey messages to them without an over-the-top sales pitch. Video is here to stay. Video is growing. Is your Web site ready for some action?