3 Basic Rules for Facebook Success

Big brands like Toyota, Ford and Honda have a following of hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook. By following in their footsteps you can drive up your own fan base too. Some of the best practices they have implemented on their fan pages are 1) engaging the consumer, 2) creating interest for the consumer and 3) keeping constant connection with the consumer.

Think of your Facebook page as your own newspaper and get news about yourself out there. This page can serve as an growth and loyalty tool.

Share what is happening in your dealership. Perhaps it’s a slow day and you’re doing free car washes. Maybe it’s “bring your daughter to work day” and you have 10 screaming girls in your showroom. Or your dealership employees recently participated in a charity event. Let consumers know there are people in your dealership and you are part of their community.

Create Interest:
Think about what would interest you as a consumer. Wouldn’t you want to know of any specials going on at the dealership? Wouldn’t you be interested if your car had an outstanding recall? Consumers want to know when the car wash is closed due to freezing weather or A/C tune-ups are half off on a scorching day. Try giving a free oil change or car wash to the first 50 people who fan your dealership page. These kinds of information and incentives will help to grow your fan base.

Keep Constant Connection:
As with any other consumer communication, constant connection is key. Providing ongoing specials/incentives, provide vehicle, service and parts information, ask for consumer feedback on your services, etc.

Also, don’t forget to let consumers know you are Facebook by including it in your traditional media and putting a link to your Facebook page on your website. A successful Facebook page can both attract new customers and increase customer loyalty with existing customers. If you aren’t in this space, what are you waiting for?