Social Media is Here to Stay

We all know traditional marketing channels have less influence on consumers than ever before. Today, recommendations from friends and family are taking center stage online.

The 2010 Cone Consumer New Media study reports 80% of consumers go online to confirm product recommendations from friends and family, jumping to 90% among adults ages 25-34. Cone also states more than half on consumers are more likely to buy a company’s product if they can interact with the company online. A timely Facebook post or Tweet may be the deciding factor when a buyer makes a purchasing decision.

It is clear that social media is expanding at a faster rate than ever. So what does all this mean for your business?

1. Develop a strong online presence: Your website must rank high in search results. Make sure you have strong keywords in your meta data, including your OEM, popular new models, used models you typically stock, your location, and surrounding cities.

2. Step into social media: An interactive social media presence will boost your image among web users, as well as boost your SEO. It’s your opportunity to make your business friendly and approachable, especially to first-time car buyers.

3. Offer exclusive specials: Fans and followers look for incentives to engage with companies in social media. A weekly discount or an occasional contest keeps consumers engaged.

4. Promote positive reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to post positive reviews online. Reach out to customers who post negative reviews and ask what you can do to make it right. (Whatever you do, do not post “fictional” reviews).

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