Digital Dealer Rookie Ready for More

Although I’ve been in the Web and digital space for a few years now, I’ve never had the chance to experience a conference like Digital Dealer. Last week, this rookie took on Digital Dealer 10 and came away impressed and ready for more.

On day 1, I had a chance to attend some sessions and observe the dealer attendees and vendors. As I walked around to the sessions, I couldn’t help but notice they were packed with people feverishly taking notes as experts shared a wealth of knowledge. Tuesday evening my head was spinning on the exhibit hall floor as people buzzed around me and an overwhelming amount of information was exchanged.

Wednesday was no less educational and energizing. I got a chance to see some of the great things other vendors are doing, share the tremendous things we are doing, and get valuable feedback from current customers. The day was long, but the energy from the floor kept me going like the Energizer® bunny.

Day 3 gave me the opportunity to spend valuable time with some current customers, showing them the new things we have released since the last Digital Dealer (that they all loved) and visit with dealers that had visited our booth in previous days and had more questions I could answer.

So what would I say about my first experience at Digital Dealer? Let’s do it again! It is quite rewarding to see so many people interested in and passionate about the same things I am and work on every day. And the excitement coming from these dealers as they learn about ways to change the game in their market can’t be matched by any other setting.

I look forward to seeing you at many more Digital Dealer conferences!