Is your website provider holding your mobile redirect hostage?

In recent years, we've seen the importance of having a mobile website increase at a very rapid rate for auto dealers. Consumers are constantly on the move and in 2010, Pew Internet said that 59% of American adults use their phone to access the internet, and Google has estimated that mobile search will outgrow PC based search in only two years. This means having your automotive site available in a user-friendly format for mobile shoppers is vital.

In many aspects, having a mobile site is no different than having a trade appraisal plugin, vehicle history report, search engine optimization or lead generators that pop-up on your website. These tools in different ways, all help consumers get the information they need and want in the format they choose right from your site. Many different 3rd party companies provide mobile solutions for car dealers today. In many cases, web providers will add a mobile redirect to these 3rd party solutions to your website to help you succeed. This redirect sees that the device being used is mobile and automatically sends the shopper directly to a mobile friendly site where they will have a better experience.

Unfortunately, not all website vendors will do this for their dealers. How does your web provider handle adding a mobile redirect to your dealership website? Will they add a script to your site so your users are redirected to a mobile site? Or, do they simply refuse to add a redirect to a 3rd party mobile friendly site? If your web provider won’t add a mobile redirect because you didn't purchase the mobile site from them, or if they try to hide behind their OEM relationship as to why they won’t allow you to add it, demand that you be allowed to make your site mobile friendly for your consumers.

This isn’t about who is providing the mobile site. It is about you, the car dealer, being able to handle your site’s traffic in the most productive fashion possible. The traffic that is coming to your website is yours, and you should be able to direct that traffic to the site of your choosing in order to maximize the consumer shopping experience. Website vendors who refuse to add a mobile redirect are putting their interests above yours and hampering your interaction with your customers. Consumers will not struggle attempting to work with a site that isn’t mobile friendly. They will merely disengage and go onto the next dealer. This will cost you leads and sales. Insist that your web vendor add the mobile redirect and, if they won’t, start looking for a new website vendor.

No matter who you choose to provide your mobile website, don't let your website provider hold you back.