Don't Overlook the Basics On Your Website

The cornerstone of an automotive retailer’s digital presence is their website. However, basic errors can undo countless hours of work on marketing campaigns, search engine optimization and other time (and money) intensive efforts.

When looking over your site, keep the “GRAB” principles in mind:
G – Grammar (and spelling). Make sure that relevant content is also readable content. If you’re not a grammar whiz, have someone proof your work. Many customers will dismiss a site with typographical errors and run on sentences.

R – Recent. It pays to remove old content and it pays in spades to remove outdated promotions and special offers. Expired coupons tell a potential customer you don’t keep up with the site.

A – Attractiveness. Don’t cram the page with every button, call to action and link known to man. Simple is effective…make sure the relevant points of your site are easily accessible.

B – Balance. Photos should be appropriately sized with particular emphasis paid to the inventory shots. The subject vehicle should be centered, clean and the lighting should be bright and clear.
If you are not a photographer, hire one. Bottom line? Pictures sell vehicles.

In today’s ever changing marketplace, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals that make a great online presence; make sure your digital marketing strategy rests on a solid foundation.