Websites prove their value

In pretty much any business, the proof is in the pudding. A web vendors products' value boils down to whether or not the return on investment is worth the risk of the investment. I get the question all the time about “how many leads should my website get?” or “how many unique visitors can I expect on my website?”

Visitors and Leads definitely have their importance, but a more important question is, “how much gross profit does your website produce?” Does your website calculate your website leads you had that actually led to a sale? Does it calculate the gross profit dollars that your website generates each month?

I know what you're thinking, my CRM tool does that! In some respects I would agree with you. But that information is subject to manual manipulation. Whether intentional or not, manually sourcing web leads and counting them as 'web' leads is open to quite a bit of human intervention and error. If your lead sourcing is incorrect your information about how well your business is operating is incorrect. Incorrect data can lead to uninformed decision making which can put your goals and ambitions for your dealership on the wrong track.