Cookie Cutter Paid Search Campaigns?

Some of our team members were shocked by some recent paid search results provided by a well-known paid search provider. We ran a search for a Chevy Cruze in our area and you wouldn’t believe what came up in the paid search results. At least 4 results came back with duplicate ad content and landing pages for at least 4 different dealerships.

Shouldn’t search engine ad campaigns be unique, targeted, and customized for each specific dealership?

This paid search provider is risking quality leads for their dealerships through cookie cutter paid search campaigns! Not to mention they are creating harder competition between their own clients. It’s just another reason to look for a provider that will give you what you need to succeed. Here are 3 things to look for in a provider to avoid cookie cutter advertising.


1. Dedicated Ad Specialist

Your provider should be constantly researching for new ways to target your messages to your customers. Having an ad specialist dedicated to your dealership will help create timely, targeted, and specific ad content.

 2. Custom Landing Pages

Don’t you want to stand out above the rest while capturing your interested customers? Customized landing pages allow for a unique, higher quality experience for your prospects and make it easier for customers to submit quality online leads.

3. Ad Flexibility

You should have the option to change ads at your own discretion. A provider that gives you this option understands that one size will not fit all and your money should go to an ad campaign that works.

 Your paid search campaigns shouldn’t come from a cookie cutter mold. Look for these three elements to help make sure your provider is giving you the quality leads you deserve.