Traditional Media Versus Social Media

Social media is a whole new activity that has wormed its way into our culture. Potential customers check their Facebook and Twitter accounts, sometimes hourly. They will see your company updates when they log in. Endorsements from people with thousands of followers and/or friends can go a long way into getting your brand out into the market. Making sure you have someone at your company actively on blog sites that are relevant to your business will improve brand awareness. But none of these can compare to having a solid brand that is consistently reinforced using traditional media.

Traditional media are a dealership’s marketing bread and butter. Television, radio, web and print are the standard marketing tools of any business. The vehicles, services and offers highlighted on traditional media should be apparent on all traditional media outlets. Make sure the market you reach using traditional media knows you are active on social media, too. Include the information on your traditional media and offer specials for customers who follow the company’s social accounts. Capturing new potential customers through social media requires a different focus, including consistent updates about the dealership and/or providing those unique member only offers.  

Social media is the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising. Customer satisfaction and quality business practices are the basis of a brand that will outlast the next media outlet. Profile pages created on Google, DealerRater, Yelp, and give customers have the ability to display their opinions in a very public forum. A good or bad experience with your company could be the next topic of a customer’s small talk, dinner table conversation, social event story, or status update.

With the number of potential customers available on social media sites, some businesses have made the mistake of moving their resources away from traditional media. It is important to remember that both are tools to increase potential customer base and one should not take focus over the other. Improving your social media presence is beneficial, but forgetting about traditional marketing and quality of service in the process can be detrimental to any business. Social media is relevant, but it is just another marketing tool to improve brand recognition.