Website Content is King

Your website is a digital window to your dealership. Make sure that window is as clean, accurate, and up to date as possible. Coming up with fresh content regularly may seem difficult, but the benefits are worth the effort. Keeping content up to date means making sure your website has current information about what is happening at your location, franchise, and the automotive industry.

  • Contact Information – All contact information should be up to date including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical locations. This should also include hours or operations.
  • Inventory – Make sure your data provider is updating your inventory by removing sold vehicles and adding new vehicles on a daily basis. Display pricing and installed options to improve the chances for leads on a particular vehicle to convert to a sale. It also eliminates the potential of a disappointed prospect at your dealership.
  • Changes at Your Dealership – Whether your have updated your showroom or completely renovated your dealership, this type of news helps your online clients learn more about your dealership. The more knowledgeable your customers are about your dealership, the more connected they feel to your business. Internal promotion announcements are also a nice touch.
  • OEM Updates – Your dealership is a local connection to the national brand. Make sure to include announcements that affect your dealership such as national sales, rebates, incentives, and major initiatives.
  • Future Models – Dedicating a page (with a link from the home page) to models that interest your market (such as next year’s model design or a new hybrid/electric vehicle) can bring potential customers to your website. Features, delivery dates, and prices will provide information that can be indexed by search engines and will bring prospects to your site. A notification form for interested customers provides them news and updates, and you receive contact information for potential new customers.

Every likes to see a bright, sparkling window. Make sure the window into your dealership is fresh, engaging, and accurate.