3 Key Facebook Factors for Car Dealers

Many auto dealers are starting to get engaged in social marketing and Facebook in particular, but there are some key factors that they may not know or understand.

EdgeRank is a set of algorithm rules/ranking factors that Facebook applies to posts and Facebook pages.  Many people do not realize it, but the Facebook News Feed only displays a subset of the stories generated by your friends and companies you follow — if it displayed everything, you would probably be swamped.  This has led to what is termed “News Feed Optimization” and it is the science of getting your posts placed into as many followers’ news feeds as possible. The science of News Feed Optimization is to build up a high EdgeRank score within Facebook to ensure that your posts will be displayed.  Facebook measures a number of factors including fan engagement to assign a score.

Buying Fans
Many are tempted to take short cuts in building up their Facebook fans, and there are many agencies ready to accommodate.  They make claims of selling real people/real fans to build up your numbers.  Unfortunately, their claims are often times not true, and they are selling bot accounts.  These accounts are digitally created accounts generated by computer robot programs (bots) and they are not actively engaged and do not participate as a real person does on Facebook.  What this means is that the dealer who bought these fake fans has a lot of unengaged fans, which could actually lower their EdgeRank score and cause their posts to fall below the threshold of being shown to their real followers due to a below average fan feedback rate.  Here is an article with more details about this and how most Fan Pages are underperforming.

Post Blocking
Facebook tells us how many fans we have, but it doesn’t tell us how many people are still fans but are blocking our posts from appearing in their news feed.  This is critical.  Putting a message that is never seen will do nothing for your dealership.  Do not be swayed by an agency that claims that it will build up a huge number of followers as this number can be completely misleading.  You could have thousands of fans but only a handful seeing your posts.  Ask to see the interaction analytics of your Facebook page, the number of fan comments, likes, and the number of mentions.  These are the keys to an active and valued Facebook campaign, and the key to a good EdgeRank.

Social marketing and Facebook are about interaction, which requires a two-way dialogue.  If you or your agency are doing one-way messaging and not getting your fans to engage with you on Facebook, all of your messages will be dropped due to Facebook’s EdgeRank and will be of no value.