Digital Dealer Tips

Digital Dealer Conference LogoAre you ready for Digital Dealer? We are definitely excited for it – the anticipation is getting overwhelming!

Trade shows are a strange type of time warp: the days are long, but seem to go by in a flash. Maximize your Digital Dealer experience with a couple of simple strategies:

  •     Wear comfortable shoes! Your feet will thank you at the end of your 12 (or 14, or 18) hour days.
  •     Carry water bottles and some munchies in your bag, and bring enough to share. You'll make friends fast!
  •     Preview the session descriptions and make a schedule of who you’d like to see.
  •     Make sure you don’t miss anything by marking the booths you want to visit on the expo map ahead of time.
  •  If you're attending the conference as a group, divide and conquer for the breakout sessions. Take thorough notes so you can share all your new wisdom with your co-workers over your next meal.