Encouraging Likes On Faceboook (Part 2)

This is the second in a series on how to use Facebook for your dealership. The first covered why it’s important, and this one will present some suggestions on how to gather some fans. On Thursday, we’ll discuss how to interact with fans and keep them coming back to your Page and your dealership.

  1. Get a unique Username
    This step is key for your Facebook success! Instead of a random string of numbers, you can get a custom address, like Facebook.com/YourDealership. This is an easy way for people get to you so they don’t have to search. You can only change this once, so be sure you get it right the first time!
  2. Ask for Likes on your Page.
    Many people don’t realize that clicking the Like button will connect them to your site. So ask for Likes in your about your “About” section and on your wall. You could even customize your graphics on the page to create an arrow pointing to the Like button.
  3. Market to Your Customers
    Make sure all the paperwork your customers bring home has your Facebook address: Receipts from parts purchases, RO paperwork, or hangtags inside cars. Your materials might be on your customers’ desks as they’re surfing around the web- give them a reminder to check out your Page!
  4. Think Beyond Your Existing Customers
    Be sure to get your username out there to those who might be in the market for a car. Showing your dealership’s personality online can be a great way to entice prospects to visit or call! Put your dealership’s Facebook Username on business cards, newspaper ads, and on your website. You can also get a Like button to put on your website so browsers can become a fan without even leaving your website.

These four tips should get you enough fans to hit the ground running with your Facebook marketing strategy. Later this week we’ll tackle content marketing and ideas for Facebook promotions.