Facebook Consumer Behavior Survey, part 1

A new survey about Facebook and brand engagement was just released this week from the Boston-based research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. It contains some very surprising and significant statistics that will have a real impact for car dealerships and their social media strategies.

In our next three blog posts, we’ll explore the statistical findings about brands and their fans; then, ideas for encouraging fans; and, finally, ways to engage your fans.

 But first, we’ll start with the nitty gritty statistics:

Facebook is, by far, the strongest social media site for brand interaction. 34% of all those who go online interact with their favorite brands on Facebook, whereas only 4% interact with brands on Twitter. When only those under age 35 are counted, the number jumps to 56%!
Bottom line:
If you’re a brand, you need to be on Facebook. No excuses.

Fans are often existing customers. 58% of respondents said they became a fan of a brand because they were already a customer. Fans want to be recognized too: 41% of respondents also stated that they became a fan to show others that they like or support the brand.
Bottom line: Your best source for fans is your customer base.

People like fewer than 10 brands. Of those who use the “Like” button on Facebook, 78% like anywhere from 1 to 9 brands. That’s a tight market to squeeze into, but smart strategies we’ll discuss tomorrow will help you get your share of fans and have their excitement go to work for you.
Bottom line:
There’s tight competition for acquiring fans.

Fans make recommendations and purchases. After becoming a fan of a brand, people are 56% more likely to recommend a brand, and 51% are more likely to buy from you. These are individuals who can have a powerful affect on your business!
Bottom line: Your fans are a prime s
ource of PR and continued earnings.

Come back next week to see ideas for getting more genuine fans on your Facebook page, and then how to engage those fans.