Keeping Facebook Fans Engaged (Part 3)

This is part three in a series about Facebook brand pages and their fans. Read the first part on Facebook Fan Statistics and the second on Encouraging Likes.

The biggest challenge after you’ve created a Facebook brand page and gathered some fans is to keep them engaged and coming back. The two biggest things you can do are to offer consistent fresh content and to run the occasional promotion.

Keep the Content Interesting
The content you offer should be interesting to your core audience and should be heavy on the conversation, light on the sales pitch.

Do you support sports teams or community events? Report on the softball teams’ success or the blood drive you’ll be sponsoring. People love to see and share photos of themselves. How about posting (with permission, of course) photos of happy customers with their new rides? If you’ll be grilling hot dogs on Labor Day or will have cars in the local parade, mention it ahead of time and post photos afterwards.

Keep your car information subtle: Offer safety tips, news about new models from your OEM, maybe an “Ask a Mechanic” section. Keep specific promotions to a bare minimum. Most of your Facebook fans aren’t in the market for a car at the moment, but you want to keep them engaged long enough that they come to you when they are in the market.

Contests For the Win!
The other big way to engage fans is to offer promotions, contests, or discounts. Facebook has strict rules about them, so be sure to read up on Facebook's promotion guidelines. Some dealerships hold contests that have a community impact, such as voting for an animal shelter or recognizing the best teachers. Guessing games are popular because anyone can win. Coupons for service or a giveaway with a purchase are a great way to keep customers coming back: you can rotate them every few weeks and they can reflect the current season, upcoming holiday, or your most recent advertising campaign.

It should be clear by now that your Facebook Fan Page isn’t just as simple as creating it and waiting for sales to roll in. It’s about creating ongoing relationships with your fans. As we said in our first post, your fans are your best source for continued revenue, so communicate with them where they are: on Facebook!