Social Media Matters in Real Life: Large Scale and Small Scale

You’ve probably heard it, or you may have even said it yourself: “Social media is just a fad. It’s just a time-waster. It doesn’t actually matter; only real interactions matter.” Here are three examples from just the last month where social media really did make a difference in real life.

Who else felt the rocking last week? Our third floor department went into a frenzy of activity for a while, with everyone comparing notes on what they felt (or didn’t). It took 20-30 minutes for the local news sources to confirm there had been an earthquake, but Twitter streams caught fire with earthquake news just minutes afterwards. We were relieved to find our friends and family were well and damage was minimal.

Across the Atlantic earlier this summer, rioters in London communicated via social media. But after the streets calmed down, social media was also used to help organize cleanup efforts. People could find out where help was most needed and pitch in. The London police have also started a Flickr stream to help identify thieves and looters from surveillance footage.

Morton’s Steak House was the star player in a social media stunt meant to serve just one individual. Peter had a late-night hankering for steak, and Morton’s saw it as an opportunity to satisfy a loyal customer. His story spread across the web and you can be sure diners are dropping into Morton’s restaurants across the country and discussing it. One steak delivery made for one very happy customer and thousands of intrigued potential customers.

Have you thought about how social media can make a real-life difference for your customers? What could it mean for your business? Here’s a challenge: Look through your Facebook feed or check in on your Twitter followers and see how you can make social media matter for them. Let us know how you made your social media connections matter.