Tweet What?

Think Social Media is just for college kids and people trying to plan their 30 year high school reunion? Think again… Facebook and Twitter are more than a place to spy on an old flame or keep up with your kid’s ever-growing social life. You may not sell any cars directly off Facebook or Twitter, but these sites can literally make or break you when it comes to your digital reputation and even SEO.  Check out this video and you may start singing a different tune.

Social Media Revolution 2011

An active social media presence is important to your business, reputation, and ultimately customer loyalty… blah, blah, blah. By now you are tired of hearing that social media is a must-have, but you know you need it. However, you may still be asking yourself “Who has the time and resources to worry about spending hours a day managing it?” Have no fear; with a few simple tricks you too can establish a successful, manageable social media presence.

First, think of social media as your own personal newspaper. It's a simple way to report the news about your dealership to customers and prospects. Facebook is great because it does “double duty,” serving as both a lead capture and loyalty tool.

Other tips to increase your fan base and keep them coming back include:

  • Flip friends to fans – Ask your employees and friends to become fans of your dealership’s page, and encourage them to engage their friends and families. This creates a strong foundation for your dealership’s page.
  • Focus on the long term – It’s not just about the number of fans you have, but how you connect with them. Respond to individual wall posts and instead of sending out generic info, connect with your audience using personalized messages.
  •  Talk less, listen more – Facebook and social media is just as much about what you are saying as what your fans are saying. Keep communication a two-way street, think of Facebook as a forum to listen to and respond to feedback.

In addition, valuable coupons and special giveaways for checking in are among the many things you can offer to your Facebook audience. The more value you give to your fans, the more they are to post positive reviews.  Let Facebook help you stay connected with your customers and drive loyalty. If you aren’t already in this space, what are you waiting for?