Steve Bell and Amy Peck at DD11

Steve Bell and Amy Peck

Steve Bell and Amy Peck. Look at those fetching green shirts!

Preparations for Digital Dealer are at a fever pitch! We're so proud to have two of our product managers doing presentations. Mark your schedule and be sure to catch their sessions.

Amy’s presentation: Session #227, Thursday, October 6, 2:30 pm

The Emergence of Social Media Marketing
Taking control of the fastest growing marketing channel

Social media marketing is more than just setting up a Facebook page and creating/monitoring the dealership brand. It's time for dealers to get more sophisticated. Attend this session to get advice on the play of social media marketing within your existing marketing mix. We will cover the broadening reach of social media marketing and how dealers can benefit from this marketing channel. We will also discuss the importance of social networking sites, dealership blogs, and user review sites.

Steve's Presentation: Session #307, Friday, October 7, 10:00 am.

There's an App for That, But it Sucks!
You can be successful without the added cost of an app

“There's an app for that”. Yes, there is, and likely an app for everything else you can think of. But is it useful? Does it provide consumer engagement that ultimately drives leads and sales? You may be asking yourself, do I need to have an app for my dealership? Simply put, no.

What action items will you take back to your dealership?
1. Why mobile apps do not make sense for the average car dealer.
2. How QR codes play into the app space for dealers.
3. Cost effective ways you can engage consumers in the mobile space without the need for an app.

 Be sure to catch both of their sessions at Digital Dealer 11!