Kick Up Your Keywords (Part 2)

In the absence of page level keywords that are unique and differentiate themselves, the meta tags for your homepage will stand. So when a search engine indexes a site with only the basic keywords on the home page, why would it even bother taking your other pages into account? What  information makes them important enough to warrant their own page? According to your keywords, these other pages are all about the same things as the main, right? No! Your service department deserves to stand alone! Your pre-owned cars deserve to be looked at separately from the new! So you need to add some specific keywords to each page today.

Our Naked Lime reports can help you pinpoint which phrases to target and which pages need beefing up. The Entry Page by Search Engines report through Naked Lime sites can show you which pages customers can currently find easily through search engines. Adding more specific keywords can drive this number up. The All Search Phrases Report can help you know which words a customer used to find your site. Double check these with the entry pages. Do you have the words customers used listed in your keywords? You should! This report is vital to helping you with your keyword brainstorming. Try to think from the point of view of the customer and not as a salesperson. The term “pre-owned vehicles” sounds more refined, but if customers are finding your page by typing “used cars” maybe in the interest of site optimization you should think about using that verbiage on your site instead.

Make sure that the keywords for each page are as unique and specific as possible. Use those keywords in the content on the page and the SEO strength of your website as a whole will rise. The whole is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Without strong page level keywords, your site as a whole is less likely to be taken seriously as a contender in the search engine rankings.

Check back soon for more articles on how to use keywords more effectively to strengthen your SEO. Your Naked Lime support team is only a click or a call away by phone, email and chat if you have any questions!