Drive More Traffic To Your Site Through Tweeting

According to co-founder Biz Stone, Twitter supports over 800 million search queries PER DAY. This is a great opportunity for you to drive more quality traffic to your dealership website. Below are just a couple key ways to do this:

  • Use hashtags (the # symbol) on a word or two within your tweet so that it appears in feeds of people following that particular hashtag.
  • Use keywords in your tweets. Instead of simply saying “Check out this post.” say “Check out the 2010 #Toyota Camry.” Anyone searching for Toyota Camry will potentially see your tweet.
  • Link to your site from your tweets when promoting content on your site. Use URL shorteners like so you can track your link data, as well as have more text space in your tweet.
  • Link to your Twitter account from your website. This is a no brainer. Don't pass up this opportunity to engage your audience.

While the above pointers are great to follow, the most important thing to remember about tweets is that they must be engaging to your audience. Don't just talk about yourself. Be interesting, resourceful, and engaging. That is the key.