Naked Lime…..really?

You just can’t deny that a name like Naked Lime stands out. And really, isn’t that what we all want? To stand out from our competition and for our name to be in the front of our customers minds?

You bet your bottom dollar it is. So how did we come up with Naked Lime?

A small group of creative people were sent a meeting planner with one word: Confidential.  Intimidating?  We thought so! We were sat down in a room and asked a simple question- If you could name a company, what would it be? The answer proved to be a little more difficult.

We discussed what this company would do- why we were doing it- how we wanted to be different. We used that foundation and started throwing out words. As with all ideas, some stuck and some did not make the cut. Others wanted 30,000 for the URL. Yes, really.  Not to be defeated, we pushed forward.

We came back the next day with some ideas we had thought of overnight. Someone mentioned a nightlight- we were with you even when the dealership was closed for the night. This led someone to think about a bar they had been to in NYC called Lime Light.  Lime. We liked it. It sounded fresh, unique- it wasn’t just your average lemon.

 More and more ideas were thrown and it’s no surprise that after being in the same room for 5 hours, someone thought of the word naked. Shop Naked. Go Naked.  That word stuck. It’s not a word you hear and forget.

 We began piecing together words we had on the board and stumbled across Naked Lime. As with many big decisions you face in your life- when you find it, you just know.

 The excitement around the name was impossible to ignore. We pieced together sales pitches behind each of our 5 ideas we were sending up. But we kept coming back to our Naked Lime suggestion.

 Days went by as we waited to hear final word. We were called into a conference room to hear the final verdict. Each of us hoped Naked Lime was the winner- but we all had the same thought so many of you had….. Bob would never approve the name.

 But- as you all know by now- Bob did approve the name. And we can’t even remember what the other suggestions were at this point.  But we do know one thing. We’re Naked Lime and proud of it.