3 Tips For Effective Pay Per Click Advertising

The average dealership only spends 22.2% of their advertising budget on the Internet1 while over 83% of car searches begin online2. Dealerships who put their advertising investment where buyers are can expect better ROI. Pay per click advertising can be one of the most effective ways to advertise online if implemented and managed properly. Here are three ways to get the most out of your paid search efforts.

  1. Measure the Impact of Every Dollar Spent – it is critical to know and be able to measure the metrics of paid search. Familiarize yourself with impressions, click-throughs, leads, and ad spend for each ad so you can calculate cost per lead.
  2. Control the Message – Whether you are conducting your own campaigns or paying for a service, you have control of the messages that reach Internet shoppers. Make sure your keywords are relevant and your landing pages reflect the content of the ads.
  3. Monitor Your Ads Daily – With pay per click advertising, there are literally thousands of keyword and landing page combinations you can use to attract shoppers to your site and the rules are constantly changing. In order to protect your investment, it’s critical to know where your ads are going and how they are performing every day. If this process feels overwhelming, consider having a Google Certified analyst do this daily management for you. They thoroughly test to help ensure the best ads are being used, delivering more traffic and leads to you.

Ensure you are getting the most out of your paid search by tracking every ad dollar spent, using the most effective keywords, and monitoring ad placement. Make sure you or an expert manage your online advertising strategy to  increase profitable traffic to your website, and capture higher quality leads.

1NADA Data 2010

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