Adding Mobile to Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know 57.8 million American consumers access the Web from mobile devices on any given day?* With more and more people using something other than a traditional computer to access the Internet, it’s time to think beyond your dealership website.

By using these tips to embrace the shift to mobile, you can open up more opportunities to capture shoppers and sell more cars. 

1. Promote Your Mobile Site to Buying Customers
During the sales process, make sure your customers are aware that you have a mobile site. They may prefer this over a standard site, giving you an edge over your competition. You can even have them send a text on the spot to begin receiving mobile coupons.

2. Stay Open After Hours and Capture Mobile Leads
Use mobile calls-to-action like “Text WMX 28009 to 274447” (text it now!) on window stickers to track who was on your lot during non-operating hours. When you are closed, customers can easily text vehicle information to themselves or others instead of trying to remember to visit your site when they get home. This connects them instantly to your mobile website where they can quickly send a lead on a specific stock number, such as #28009. You are allowing the customer to connect to you on their terms anywhere, anytime.

3. Conduct Outbound Campaigns to Increase Revenue
Get connected. Give customers the chance to text you for service coupons or special offers. Use the new customer list to send service coupons, sales specials, and more, gaining additional opportunities throughout your dealership.

Adding a mobile website to your digital marketing strategy is the first step to reaching today’s on-the-go consumer. By proactively marketing with mobile technology, you will reach customers through their preferred method of communication, further extending your customer base and increasing your sales.

*Pew Research Center