Is Your Marketing Helping You Lose Customers?

How often have you heard that it’s cheaper to keep a current customer than obtain a new one? That may not ring true if your data is inaccurate. You could be wasting money and frustrating your customers to the point they no longer want to do business with you. So how good is the data in your DMS? Avoiding these four costly mistakes can prevent sending your customers messages that are irrelevant or not making it through at all.

1. Relying on Dirty Data
30% of e-mail addresses change annually.* Data just one year old can mean nearly one-third of your database is inaccurate. Stop wasting time and money marketing to customers that don’t exist.

2. Using Incomplete Information
Polluting your database with uncertified sources creates holes in your information, causing risky mistakes and wasted ad spend. Verify and append your data through industry accepted sources.

3. Sending Confusing and Randomly Timed Messages
If Mr. Gale Smith with the sedan is receiving messages addressed to Mrs. Gale Smith about his old SUV, you’ve just lost Mr. Smith. Accurate and relevant messages are the key to winning business.

4. Settling for Any Warm Body to Manage and Measure Your Program
Hiring your cousin’s son who also works in parts may not be the best choice. To see better results, you need the expertise of a marketing professional focused specifically on your campaigns. If you have an expert helping you, be sure you’re participating in regular meetings with your Marketing Analyst who will arm you with results reports so you can determine what’s working and where changes may be needed.

Take advantage of the market instead of having the market take advantage of you. Beef up your data with the right information and then use it in a way that makes sense for you and your customers. Not only will you secure your own customers, you will be in a stronger position to capture new ones.

*Source: AcquireWeb Inc.