Naked Lime Teams With Clothes That Work

On Friday, December 16th 2011, the Naked Lime Marketing team drove down to 1133 S. Edwin C. Moses, Suite 392, to do some volunteering at Clothes That Work.

Clothes That Work is a grassroots non-profit organization that has been providing professional clothing, image counseling, and training for Montgomery County job seekers for over a decade. Through the support of donors, funding partners, individuals, corporations, and foundations, Clothes That Work has been able to help over 18,000 job seekers.

Clothes That Work partners with local organizations that refer clients in need of interview clothing to aid in the transition to self-sufficiency. In addition to providing clothing and training on appropriate work attire, Clothes That Work also conduct seminars on; interviewing tips and exhibiting appropriate professional behavior.

Over the course of nearly three hours, Naked Limers, sorted, hung, and organized a variety of clothing items and personal care products. The task ranged from organizing the clothing by style to making sure items were sized appropriately to organizing shelf space to clear room for future donations.

With light hearts, communication, and adorned in festive attire, the Naked Lime team was able to accomplish work that may have taken weeks for the Clothes That Work staff to accomplish, due to other organizational duties. In addition to the volunteer work the Naked Lime team donated of several men’s shirts to Clothes That Work.