Better Results By Aligning Search & Display Initiatives

The more you can align your marketing message across multiple marketing channels, the better interaction you will receive from your consumer.  One example of this is integrating paid search and display advertising. These two forms of marketing have a natural affinity since consumers’ experiences of paid and display overlap as search results continue to become more visual. By integrating these two marketing channels, you can expect to:

  • Drive efficiency by delivering one, consistent message across multiple marketing channels. Align banner creative with your search ad copy (see examples below).

Paid Search Landing Page

Landing page                     

Display Ads

 Display ads

  • By combining these efforts and tracking results, you will save and make money by easily reallocating your search to display ad spend to the most optimal mix. Look for a vendor who can track paid and display in one consolidated dashboard in order to get a holistic view.

This is just one example of how you can integrate your marketing efforts through multiple channels for one consistent message to your consumers. The quicker you move towards one message across all marketing channels, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be. Stay tuned for additional ways to achieve this.