Give Customers The Best Offer

With the introduction of the Internet and smart phones, consumers have become more educated on companies, products, and services. Because technology makes sizing up the competition easy, consumers now take the time to look around for the best offer to make sure they are getting the best one. Will that offer be yours, or will it be the competitors' across the street?

 When you send an email or direct mail piece to a customer offering them the incentives and deals that the OEM is making – 0% financing for 72 months or leases from $199 per month, your customers know that they can get those offers from any dealership selling the same make.  Your goal should be to give your customers that little something special to make them realize that no other dealer is going to make them an offer better than yours.

 Give your dealership the twist needed to stand out from other dealerships.  Consider offering a fixed dollar amount gas card, a prepaid maintenance card or offer them more for their trade.  The bottom line needs to be that when they get your email or direct mail piece, they have a reason to only consider your dealership.

 While OEM’s offers are nice, they simply get your customers to stay with your brand.  Remember, another dealer is sending the same OEM offer to your customers. Make sure you give them a reason to stay with your dealership.