Improve Your Digital Reputation

The power of the Internet puts your business practices center stage. Customer reviews can be helpful, but they can also be disastrous. Just one negative review can make prospects move on to your competition. One unhappy customer could turn away hundreds more: 21% of car buyers change dealerships due to online reviews.1 Here are 3 ways to improve your digital reputation:

1. Encourage Positive Feedback
Strong positive feedback is the first step to a solid digital reputation. This starts with a customer’s experience in your dealership. Provide excellent service and create a process to encourage positive reviews from happy customers.

2. Face the Music
Are you willing to reach out and address problems? Unhappy customers will remember your efforts to make it right. Customers who have their problems resolved will tell 4-6 others about their experience.2 By addressing problems quickly, the customers who posted negative comments might become your biggest cheerleaders.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Get Advice
Scouring the Internet for reviews and handling what you find, good and bad, takes time and expertise. Don’t try to manage your online reputation alone. Use experts and services that can greatly assist your efforts.

Specialists can send you monthly reports of all Internet mentions, notification of negative reviews along with advice on how to respond, and a process for encouraging positive reviews. Your monthly reports should include comments from automotive sites and cover other important areas such as social network sites, blogs, and forums.

Your digital reputation will make you stand out from the crowd online, either positively or negatively. How you handle customers in the dealership or online will determine whether you attract customers or repel them.

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2 Lee Resource, Inc.