Maximize Manufacturer Advertising

Does your manufacturer have a huge TV commercial campaign going on?  Is there a new model coming out?  Take advantage of this free advertising for your dealership.  Your keywords should change with the tide of the market. 

This is the season of new models emerging and old models getting incentives, featuring those models prominently can only benefit you.  Get information about them on your home page and your specials page.  Consider building a special landing page for a new model with a contact or test drive form.  Then cross promote it.  Social media and conventional marketing should work in tandem with your web campaigns.  Have your sales team test drive the new model then blog about.  Hold a contest in the store: Test drive this new model and be entered in a drawing for an awesome prize.  Your web site does not stand alone.  It should be an integral part of your overall marketing campaign not an independent branch.

Not just now, but throughout the year, pay attention to the advertising your manufacturer does.  If a customer sees an ad for “That Model” than it’s likely they’ll be searching for that car on the internet.  Make sure you have “That Model” listed in your keywords, and then add some information about that car on your site to strengthen the integrity of your keywords.  Your OEM ad planner is a mine of information and free high quality graphics, most of which probably directly relate to your manufacturer’s latest campaign. But remember, images and keywords are never enough by themselves; you need quality content to back up your page-level tags.