Naked Lime Pairs With GM for iMR Turnkey Program

Some things are worth getting excited about. Hitting every green light, finding five dollars in your pocket, Starbucks messing up and giving you a venti instead of a tall latte.  What we here at Naked Lime are excited about is that we have been approved by General Motors to provide marketing, advertising, and web solutions to GM dealerships across the U.S. under GM’s matching fund advertising and marketing program.

“Our products and services for dealerships are geared toward reaching and attracting consumers, generating leads, and coordinating messages across different channels,” said Trey Hiers, the chief marketing officer at Naked Lime Marketing.  “That focus complements the intent of GM’s marketing programs, and we look forward to working with GM dealerships to deliver measurable results with our products and services.”

What’s included in this?

  • Full-service advertising solutions, including advertising and media services.
  • A complete array of web services, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, paid search, and online reputation management.
  •, an Internet marketing channel designed to offer dealerships another channel to market their new and used vehicle inventories to consumers.

Don’t worry. No matter what dealership management system provider, website host, or other products or services your dealership may be using, these products and services are available to GM dealerships.

So yea, the weekend might be over and it might be a Monday, but we can’t help be excited that today is finally here.

For more information visit our GM Turnkey website at