Freshen Up Your Site For Google

35% is a big difference in the search engine world.  That is the impact of the unofficially named “Google Freshness” update last November. The goal of this update is to provide more up-to-date information higher up on search results, and it is working.  Below are a few things to keep your website fresh:

  • Keep your specials updated:  Whether they are new, certified OEM, or used specials your dealership should update them on a weekly basis.  Naked Lime Web offers tools to automatically update your specials based on different criteria. 
  • Review older pages/content:  Update the content on older pages to focus on current keywords and trends related to the topic.  The more changes to content that continue to focus on target keywords, the more favorable it will be viewed. 
  • Consistently update your blog and social media profiles:  Social media probably played a big part in the decision to make this update.  Make sure your dealership is regularly updating both with news at the dealership and in your OEM.

Use these tips to keep your website fresh and in the eye of consumers.